'The SKIN'

Designed by Wrestlers, Specifically for Wrestlers

  • Patent-Pending
  • Made of the finest antimicrobial fabric - GrappleTec
  • Designed for tough training conditions, to protect the skin against skin infections
  • Full body coverage - protection from head to toe
  • Minimizes skin-to-skin and skin-to-surface contact
  • Moisture wicking and skin cooling assistance
  • Reinforced with extra protection in key areas specific to wrestling
  • Created for comfort and unrestricted movement
  • Equipped with a non-porus hygienic wipe pouch
  • Proper use allows for healthier skin
  • Laundry bag included



  1. Moisture Wicking and Cooling Technology
  2. Hidden Zipper with Padded Protection
  3. Hygienic Wipe Pouch
  4. Extra Reinforcement and Support Areas Specific to Wrestling
  5. GrappleTec Antimicrobial and Abrasion-Free Material
  6. Easy Access Arm and Foot Openings
  7. Mock Neck for Increased Skin Surface Protection

* Masculine Design Adding Aesthetic Appeal