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Mike Caro - CARO Wrestling LLC, President & Founder

Skin infections are called the 21st century epidemic in the wrestling community. Mike Caro founder of CARO Wrestling, LLC and the CARO TrainSAFE System, knows personally how one such skin infection can halt an athlete’s dream. As a former Division I wrestler, high school coach, and son of a former collegiate wrestling coach, he is all too familiar with the many types of skin infections in this sport.   

In March of 2016, while coaching high school wrestling, Mike was faced with a decision that no coach ever wants to make. His senior star wrestler came to him just hours before the start of the Pennsylvania State Championship tournament with what appeared to be a skin infection. Mike made the decision to seek out medical attention from the tournament’s medical staff. This is where Mike met the tournament’s lead physician, Dr. Scott Lynch, Orthopedic Surgeon and Director of Sports Medicine Service at Penn State University. As feared, the dream of a state championship quickly ended for this very talented high school wrestler. He became medically disqualified due to the skin infection. Mike immediately knew that more must be done to stop the rampant spread of skin infections within this sport, and so he designed a training system with this challenging goal in mind.  


Mike’s passion for the sport of wrestling motivated him to seek a remedy to this serious skin issue. His recent experience with his high school wrestler compelled him to share his invention concept with Dr. Scott Lynch.  After very careful review,  Penn State University has decided to conduct a research study on skin protection and the protection of skin infections during the 2017-18 wrestling season. 1,400 high school wrestlers will serve as subjects in the 'Prospectively Randomized Clinical Trial', to be conducted by Dr. Lynch and his highly-qualified medical team. Participants will be introduced to the WrestlingSKIN practice garment and to the CARO TrainSAFE System.  This is the first major study of this kind – looking specifically at skin infections within the sport of wrestling and the impact of proactive skin protection measures.   

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Melissa Caro - Business Development & Marketing

Mark Dugan - Product Design & Sales

Scott Hawkins - Operations & Sales