Wrestling Skins are NOW AVAILABLE!

Don't miss this opportunity to get yours, as there is a limited supply at an introductory price!  You can order yours by contacting Mike directly at Mike@CAROwrestling.com

Also, we are working hard to launch additional and related items.  Please keep checking back here to learn more. 

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First of It's Kind

The WrestlingSKIN has been designed to help protect the wrestler's skin during practice.  This SKIN is the first of its kind and has been designed by wrestlers, specifically for wrestlers.  An innovative and antimicrobial fabric, called GrappleTec, serves to protect against skin-to-skin and skin-to-surface contact where many skin diseases are transmitted.

The WrestlingSKIN and its GrappleTec technology features an abrasion free 4-way stretch fabric with built-in vertical wicking technology.  This is ideal for heat generated activities.  The built-in reinforcements are specific to the need of the serious wrestler in training.

A comprehensive system


Our goal is to protect the skin within the sport of wrestling.


Our system provides a comprehensive approach to skin safety that is inclusive of educational components designed to foster a skin-safe wrestling culture.


Out team is committed to combating a growing skin infection epidemic, by taking a proactive approach toward creating a safer and healthier sport.

Designed by Wrestlers

TrainSAFE System

 The CARO TrainSAFE System is a one-of-a-kind and comprehensive approach to combat dangerous skin infections.  This system was designed by wrestlers, specifically for wrestlers.  System components include the training SKIN, laundry bag designed for easy wash and transport (while restricting the spread of infectious diseases), educational posters, and a resource loaded website.


The CARO WrestlingSKIN was designed with the wrestler in mind, offering unparalleled skin protection.  The WrestlingSKIN will minimize skin-to-skin and skin-to-surface contact, which can often result in jeopardizing one's skin health.  The WrestlingSKIN in addition to providing superior protection, was designed to keep the body cool while also adding aesthetic appeal.

GrappleTec Antimicrobial Fabric

The CARO GrappleTec fabric was engineered to defeat skin infections within the sport of wrestling.  It offers quality construction while maximizing vertical moisture wicking action.  This unique fabric design also contains a highly effective antiseptic that aids in destroying bacteria cells and limiting contamination, while balancing moisture and bacteria to create the optimal training garment.

Meet The Team

Mike Caro

CARO Wrestling, LLC, President & Founder

Division I Collegiate Wrestler

High School Wrestling Coach & Athletic Director

Bruce Baumgartner

CARO Wrestling, LLC, Advisor

President, USA Wrestling

Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist & Four-Time Olympic Wrestling Medalist

Other Team Members

Melissa Caro

Mark Dugan

Scott Hawkins